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Micah(Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book 13)
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Micah represents a side-adventure of Anita Blake. Rather than follow up immediately on the various plotlines left open in the previous novel, Incubus Dreams, Hamilton has written a much shorter work focusing primarily on Anita's relationships with one of her lovers, the eponymous Micah Callahan. Specifically, Anita is called to Philadelphia to perform an zombie animation and takes Micah on the trip. While in Philadelphia, Micah and Anita have sex, discuss their relationships and his earlier traumas, and encounter some strange twists in Anita's assignment. As with some of the other later novels in the series, Micah blends elements of supernatural, detective and erotic fiction.
In this case, the title is eponymous, named after Anita's lover, Micah Callahan. To date, only three of the Anita Blake novels, Obsidian Butterfly, Micah and The Harlequin, have had titles related to a person or being, rather than location, within the story.
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